Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Your Head Could End Up on Ebay

This auction is for a skull. The skull is human, with the lower jaw is wired on. There are 3 holes; the top has been cut around so that it comes off (wired on also). The skull has no teeth. There is pencil writing on the top of the skull - I can only make out the word Ben. The second photo & the back view shows the true color. The S & H is FREE for this item.

So the whiter versions have had their color adjusted.

Oh well, get out the Clorox and maybe it will turn white. Okay, sorry. Now I'm getting a little queasy.

Not exactly a comforting thought to think one's skull might come up on EBAY to amuse people at Halloween!

Well, if you donate your body to science--it's potentially in the game!

That or this could have been one of the folks provided to medical schools of old by those enterprising grave diggers!

And what, you might ask, is your skull worth to the average Ebayer?

Well, this one starts at $350.

I'm sure you've worn jewelry around your head worth more than that.

What an insult!!

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