Monday, September 5, 2011

Halloween Postcard Postmarked Salem, Ohio (October 30th, 6 P.M., 1912)

What a wonderfully contemporary feel this early 20th century postcard has!

"This is an antique Halloween postcard dated October 30, 1912, 6 P.M. from Salem, Ohio. Printed in Germany. It has a fantastic image of a little girl wearing a white skirt or dress with a band of orange trimmed in gold with little black cats with gold bell collars around their necks. She is wearing little red shoes with gold buttons and a big red scarf around her neck. Over her head is a large smiling jack o'lantern with teeth; 3 of them are gold. The background is pitch black with little gold twinkling stars, and at the bottom in gold is " For A Jolly Halloween". There is writing in pencil on the back, and a 1 cent stamp with an American flag postmark. It is in very good condition with some paper residue on the bottom edge."

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