Friday, September 2, 2011

I Can Has Cheezburger is Halloween-Friendly

Would you like fries  with your eternal darkness?

I'm a total ICHC addict.

I often do Halloween-themed captions there (expect I will do more as that beloved Walpurgisnacht draws nigh).

Anyway, wanted to share this one, since it seems in keeping with the blog's theme.

If you click on it, it should take you to my homepage there.

I've made over 14,000 captioned LOLz there.

If you like the site feel free to join and get in on the fun.

It's absolutely free and the people (your "cheezfrends") are nice.

You'll quickly notice the cats are speaking a less-than-orthodox form of English known as lolspeak.

There's no right or wrong in lolspeak.

Or I should have written, "Therez no rite or rong in lolspeak."

"Misspellings are better than spellings" is a good general rule of thumb.

Black cats are often seen as representations (tongue-in-cheek, never cruelly!) as Satan (known as "Basement Cat" or "Baysement Cat" get the idea) and White Cats are often equated with God, but known as "Ceiling Cat."

The struggle between "Gud" and "Ebel" goes on, and there is even a translation of the Bible into lolspeak underway. Imagine.

The site is enormous and enormously entertaining.

There are funny photos of people, animals and everything else. There's a subsite dedicated to edgy fashion and jewelry; there's a subsite of poorly translated "Engrish"; there's a subsite that's gorgeous or unusual homes and another that's gorgeous travel photographs (just added). And there's much more.

If you go to Memebase on this same site, you will find the source of most of those odd pictures that go everywhere across the internet.

Hope you join the fun!

If you do, feel free to add me as a friend...and tell me you found me through this blog!

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