Monday, September 12, 2011

Some Gorgeous Crepe Paper-Winged Owls (America, 1950s?)

These are gorgeous and gorgeously photographed!

Love them.

Marked "Made in America" near the claws.

Are these Beistle?

I'm leaning towards yes.


  1. bill, these look quite like biestle to me too. the familiar shape of the eyes that is found in many of the company's owls and that color scheme is remarkable it lovely contrast of black and orange. if these are not biestle then there was a company that was stealing quite freely from biestle that made these owls. but these birds are quite beautiful just the same.

  2. Hey Richard. I think so too. I'm so-not the expert on these things, so I'm always tentative. I could have tried to Google it, but I try to just present these Halloween things for the fun or gorgeousness or mystery they hold. I figure the "specialists" will do further research if they're hunting down a piece. Cheers!