Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Papier-Mache Witch and Cat Candy Container (Germany, circa 1920)

Here we have a Witch on a Black Cat Candy Container. Dates to before 1920. The witch's head is made of a composition papier-mache material. The cat's body is also made of papier-mache. The hands and legs of the witch are made of wood. The black cat's head comes off to reveal the candy container aspect of the piece. The Witch wears great clothes made of cotton, linen and felt. The cat is covered in a black mohair texture. One of the cat's glass eyes is broken and partially gone. The cat has a painted nose and mouth which is also partially gone. A rare and unusual piece. A nice size at 6.75" tall and 5" from the nose to tail of the cat. This piece remains in very nice all original antique condition with no repairs or touch-ups. The cardboard cylinder that fits into the neck of the the cat is stamped "Germany".

These lovelies can be yours for just 850 clams.

That's dollars, not deutschmarks.

I would need Pennies from Heaven to purchase this.

But I would probably spend them on something else more sensible.

Like that Nodder lamp below.

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