Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Antique Ouija Board (William Fuld, Baltimore, MD., Date Unknown)

"An antique wooden ouija board manufactured by William Fuld. There is a stamp on the front that reads "Made by William Fuld, Baltimore, MD, USA" and more information on the back about the manufacturer as well as directions on how to use the board. There is some damage to the upper right hand corner of the board. I have never tried to repair it, but it appears the outer portion of the board has come away from the middle portion. I expect a little wood glue would put it back together. I found this ouija board in my great aunt's attic probably 20 years ago. I have no idea how old it is or the history of it beyond being found in her attic."

I wonder if the early Ouija boards were sold without the planchette?

I'm thinking they used an upside-down teacup back in the day?

I'm thinking that cool heart-shaped planchette with the needle (with which most people my age or younger are familiar) was a much later addition?


  1. The first william fuld ouija boards were used with planchettes, but boards and planchettes were sold separately. Fuld's first planchette was heart shaped but lacked the clear window and brass pin. Planchettes with the window and pin appeared around 1920.

  2. Hi. I would have never guessed that--seems so counter-intuitive to me (about the planchette being sold separately, I mean). I must be superstitious and bought into all the movie hooey about these boards, because they creep me out. Although I bet a history of the things would make a good book (or several). I'm guessing such creatures might actually exist. I wonder what their greatest heyday was...early on or in the 50s, 60s, etc. I remember them being sort of big in the 70s where I was growing up (East Coast) but if I'm remember correctly it was sort of a mini-burst of fad-dom that sort of died down after a few short years. But maybe the board's been booming and receding for almost a century. ;-)

  3. I hav this same board, it came in an estate lot my mother bought at auction years ago, It came with a wooden planchette, no window.

    1. Cool. I think these are much sought-after. I'd be a little afraid of it. I mean after seeing all those Witchboard movies and others. ;p Happy Halloween!