Saturday, September 17, 2011

Antique Halloween Black Cat Cast Iron Doorstop (Date Unknown)

This great old item came out of an estate in NH and was passed down a few generations from the man we picked this from. No markings as far as we can see.
Not sure if this could be a Hubley item??

Condition: Good condition. Has rust here and there but mostly on the top of the ears.

Weight: Approx. 7 lbs.

Size: Approx.10" x 4-3/4" x 3+"

Have no idea if this is a Hubley item, but the seller is smart to include it even in that tentative way, since Hubley is a great search word to have in an online listing and the aficionados of cast iron collectibles will probably take to this scary cutie, whether he's Hubley or not, when they serendipitously stumble into the seller's cyber-digs.

I find Hubley pieces very infrequently in the thrift stores around here. I'm virtually in Hubley's old backyard so I do have a little advantage.

People are too smart to sell the toy guns for anything less than what they're worth, but the cast iron doorstops and bookends will sometimes slip through at an amazing price if the thrift store doesn't have too many pickers.

Got lucky last year when I found a couple of Hubley old-timey baseball player bookends. They were $1.99.

Someone had painted them, but in a really charming manner (good eye!)

Although I'm wondering if a purist would strip them.

Black cat cast iron doorstoops (and andirons) seemed to be a staple design in the East Coast eccentricism of centuries past.

Many of them strike me as sooo Washington Irving.


  1. lol I agurrree. Such a quizzical face and expression! He's on da Ebay now...or was last night anyway.