Sunday, October 31, 2010

"The New Halloween Frolics" (1919)

Page from October, 1919 issue of Ladies' Home Journal.

I love the black cat fireplace.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Die-Cut Paper Masks by Masklite (50s? 60s?)

The seller advertising these said the 1950s, but they look more 1960s to me.

"Tommy Whiskers": Beistle Cat Paper Lantern (circa 1930s?)

"Cat Hallowe'en Lantern"

"Dual Sided DIE CUT -- marked "MADE IN U.S.A.""

"Orange Tissue Inserts And A Crossbar Candle Holder On Bottom"

"Measures Approx. 11" Tall x 11 1/4" Wide."

"Can Be Found In Mark Ledenbach's 2nd Edition Of Halloween Collectibles, page 30."

The Household Ledger: Halloween Issue (1903)

Check out some pics of the 1903 Halloween issue of the Household Ledger.

Click to enlarge the last two pics and see 1) the racist ad and 2) the ad addressed "To Fat People."

1903 was not a good year for sensitivity.

That was litotes.

33 Vintage Halloween Paper Treat Bags (date unknown)

Die-Cut Beistle Owl (circa 1945)

"Measures approximately 22 inches by 8 inches."

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Grim Reaper Salt and Pepper Shakers (Japan, circa Mid-Twentieth Century)

Japan shakers with cork stoppers.

Three inches tall.

"Each have five holes on top, though one has smaller sized holes."

Note the word "POISON" on both shakers.

Grim Reapers or some such ghoulish figures!

"The Bogie Man" Postcard (J.I. Austen Co, Chicago, Early 20th Century)

"Two sunbonnet babies and a Jack-o'-Lantern titled 'The Bogie Man'."

The sensibility of the art looks strangely postmodern to me.

It looks like someone contemporary "misquoting" earlier art.

Yet it's genuinely old. Circa 1903-1905, one seller guessed.

Very strange one!

Why do I feel Joe Brainard would love this one?

Would love sampling images from it anyway...

I thought it was pretty rare, but maybe it was popular in its time, since I found a second card for sale, a little worse in the wear (this one advertised as "mint" funnily enough).

I'd go with the first one. Even with the slightly frayed corners, the image itself looks cleaner.And it's selling for a third of the price of the other one. Note how different the colors appear. That could be differences in the technology used to take the photos, or it could be variations in the card itself due to the printing process. Who knows.

What did your momma tell you about shoppin' around?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Child Life Magazine (October 1955)

Halloween issue.

35 pages.

Raggedy Ann Mask (Ben Cooper Inc., 1972)

"Measures 7.5" x 8.75".

Note the original tag on reverse!

Large Russ Troll Dressed in Halloween Bat Costume (date unknown: 90s?)

A foot tall.

If I told you how many Russ troll dolls I have in this house (large, medium, small and micro) you would refer for mental counseling.

Well, too late! :-)

I might even have this one! I have to check.

I don't, like, play with them.

I promise.

Celluloid Wolf Mask (Maker and Date Unknown)

Note the enlarged mouthhole.

For those of us who wore masks like these as kids, we can vouch for the fact that the mouthholes were designed to suffocate children.

So you had to get scissors and enlarge them (as this long-ago child did) or else lift your mask every twenty seconds to breathe!

Maybe this went with a Little Red Riding Hood companion mask?

Lassie Costume by Collegeville Costumes (date unknown)

Presumably Lassie-era a.k.a. Eames-era.

Why does this creep me out?

It's so The Shining!

4 Dennison Cats (date unknown)

Halloween seals.

"Cats are highlighted with metallic gold ink."

"Size approx 3 3/8" wide x 4" high."

Black Cat Centerpiece ("A.M."?, date unknown)

Very tall!

The cat alone is over a foot tall.

70s? Earlier?

Ministry's "Every Day is Halloween" 12" Remix on Vinyl (Wax Trax! Records, 1983?)

45 RPM.

Backed with "Nature of Outtakes."

Japanese Wee Witches (Maker and Date Unknown)

60s? 50s?

"Each measures approximately 2 to 2 1/2 inches tall. They are hand-painted and marked JAPAN on their bottoms."

"They look like a matching pair, but one of them is a salt shaker (she has holes on top and a cork in bottom). The other is just a decorative figure. Obviously, they were made by the same company during the same time period."

Crepe Paper/Composition Cat (Artist and Date Unknown)

Crafter's one-of-a-kind creation.

Described as vintage but could have been made anytime.

"I believe the head is composition as it is heavier than I think papier-mache would be. Wooden body with moveable arms and leg. Note singular leg, as there is only one now. The cat may have been on a stick at one time as there is a remnant of wood by the leg. Cat measures 6 inches tall and has a painted face and head. It looks like one ear may have been touched up. There is wear to the tip of one ear. Crepe paper clothing is worn but present."

2 KISS Masks by AUCO (U.S.A., 1978)

"One is of Ace Frehley and the other is Paul Stanley."

"Both are marked: AUCO 1978 By Agreement W/ KISS."

E.T. Mask by Cesar (France, 1982)


Hallmark Halloween Pins (1980s)

"Pompom Spider & Web Pin" (1985).

"Many of these vintage Hallmark Lapel pins are modeled after Hallmark Merry Miniatures of the same design."

"This adorable flat style Halloween pin features the cutest purple spider with pink pom pom body on a white web with silver highlighting. The spider has little googly eyes that move."

"Dracula Halloween Pin" (1981).

"This sinister looking vampire Halloween pin features a blue Dracula, in all his glory, wearing a black suit with red cape. He has yellow eyes and white fangs. The pin has a hook/safety pin "C" style clasp; not a rotating c-clasp."

CONDITION: This vintage wearable collectible pin is in good vintage condition with minor scuffs to the paint. This item comes from a smoke free environment.

"Measures about 2" wide and 1 3/4" from top to bottom."

The Hallmark Jack-O'-Lantern pin is from the late 80s or early 90s.