Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beistle's "Whirl-O (Halloween Fortune and Stunt Game)" (America, 1950s?)

Measures 9 x 7 inches.

I included two different sets because of the differences of condition (and legibility) between them. Not sure if these are from different decades. The color differences could represent different year of issue, different degrees of aging or simply differences in camera adjusts.

You can read on two of the photos that the fortunes were written by Sandra Pearl.

See how much fun you can have with just a board and a spinner?

I tried to see if the fortunes (given separately for Boys and Girls) were subtly sexist.

Some seem to lean that way, with girl fortunes being more about domestic duties or finding that oh-so-vital husband.

You can click to ENLARGE and read these. Here are a few of the STUNTS...

"SPIN LIKE A TOP TILL YOU HAVE TO STOP." (Always fun to have a kid puke at a party!)

"KEEP A STRAIGHT FACE FOR A WHILE. / LET NOBODY MAKE YOU SMILE." Here Sandra Pearl invented the game show The Laugh Game (hope she sued!) Oops, you can't patent an idea.


Under the FORTUNES for GIRLS is this one...

"Stop eating candy. If you can't, you'll soon be like an elephant."

Way to go with givin' da kiddies anorexia and bulimia, Beistle!"

Okay, it's just a silly game.

But even silly games can have cultural mores and annoying didacticism hidden in them.

The stereotypical roles are definitely being subtly enforced here.

Hopefully, there was a very angry junior lesbian at the party. Who upset the board.

And talked some sense to the other kids.

I'm sure some of the buys at the party were just dying to get the fortune about meeting the tall stranger with eyes of blue. And some of the gals were probably hankering for that farm and that cow.

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