Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween Cat Lamp (Germany, circa 1925)

"8 inch tall ceramic orange cat on black base which I think is a witch's hat.

The base is 4 inches across at the bottom. I believe it is hand-painted. (just look at the eyes)

Inside the base is printed "Germany"

There is a number on the back of the base that appears to be 5642

There is a loosely attached bulb inside, which looks like it has been spliced onto a newer cord(although not new) at some point the cord was replaced. However, the lamp does work.

There is a small chip in the left ear(see picture) but that is the only damage I can see. Otherwise it appears to be in perfect condition.

Recently bought at a barn sale where the older lady told me her mother received this cat as a wedding present in 1925.

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