Monday, September 12, 2011

Old Wood Carved Fireplace Witch Bellows (Date Unknown)

"Vintage wood carved Fireplace Bellows. Carved Wicked witch on her broom. Metal tip and leather sides to the bellow. Front side on top has an owie. Needs to be tacked or glued."

Age is not given.

I think the "old wood" may have been used to fashion an "antique-looking" item.

Not sure this has real age. Maybe the components do.

But it's charming, innit?

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  1. I can't get enough of antique fireplaces and anything to do with them really. I purchased two Baroque fireplaces last year and I simply can't get over how beautiful they are. Anyone that enters my home, the first thing they notice is without a doubt the fireplaces. It was worth the money, especially the alternative being a modern fireplace.

    I hadn't realized how much of a collector item these bellows can be. Quite an interesting article, I actually think my mother has a few lying around in fairly good condition!