Sunday, September 18, 2011

Teddy Roosevelt Jack-O'-Lantern Cartoon (circa 1902)

NOTE: This is the ORIGINAL artwork, not a print, copy or page from a newspaper, pen and ink over pencil on paper.

Very rare and one of a kind original ink on paper political cartoon art circa 1902 or so. Entitled "Hollowe'en" it is a parody of President Theodore Roosevelt transforming panel by panel into a scary (hollow-head) Jack O Lantern. Obviously the hand of a highly skilled professional. Measures 14 by 17 inches.

It looks like the signature belongs to Sid Reene, but all I could find was that he did cartoon art for the NY Evening World. I found this other piece of artwork:

In any case, this is a superb piece of art for any collector of antique Halloween pieces, collector of political art, or collectors of Teddy Roosevelt memorabilia. For this fact, I had a hard time choosing a category but hopefully it will find all interested people. It has been in my mother's house for as long as I can remember, so it is fresh to the market. Condition: Many years ago it suffered water damage although it is NOT wrinkled or bubbled in any way, not even smudged ink at all. Just the staining you see in the photo.

I first thought the signature read Sid Greene and my research located this interesting piece of information. Sid Greene became a famous comic book artist with his works commanding a lot of money. He died in 1972. Please see: If it is Greene, not Reene, I would date it to 1920, not to Roosevelt's presidency of 1901-1909.

Very interesting, huh?

This is sure to thrill a collector.

Right now it's still bid at less than twenty dollars--for any interested parties out there.

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