Friday, September 16, 2011

A Halloween Valentine? (1910)

Antique Valentine poscard of a woman having a nightmare of screaming babies, black cats and snakes! Reads "Dream on my Valentine." Very dark postcard for Valentine's day! Looks more like Halloween to me!! Printed in Germany. Posted 1910. Bumped and creased corners. Very unique postcard to add to your collection!

And it's selling for less than twelve dollars!

It's a "Buy it Now" so you don't even have to get into any nasty bidding war.

I think that's a great price for such a curiosity! This one is delightfully wiggy.

What is one to make of such a "dark Valentine?" A "Halloween Valentine?" A bit of a unicorn, as postcards go!

I haven't a clue.

I just think it's a ravishing design.

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