Monday, September 5, 2011

This is a Really Epic Halloween Idea!

It took me a moment to figure out what this person was saying when he or she presented this painting online.

Apparently, he or she finds 19th century portrait paintings and then touches them up (repaints them) to convert them into Halloween-appropriate tableaux.

I didn't want to just briefly excerpt the person's explanation of process, so here is the whole thing...

"Totally unique antique ca. 1888 original antique oil painting, using the old canvas and creating a Halloween Devil.

This is the ultimate piece for a Halloween collector. Last year I sold Zelda the Witch, a companion antique painting to this one, the subject matter was a fantastic old witch. She was sold and is going to be exhibited in a wonderful store in California this Halloween as the Halloween window display.

This is a giant antique portrait, a real canvas painted in the year 1888, it is aged and torn, with a magnificent old frame with just the right amount of gesso missing to make it perfect for Halloween. It looks like it came out of a creaky old mansion.

It takes a long time to design, create, and paint, and alot of travel and searching to find just the right canvas and frame to create one of these paintings, and I will only be doing one a year, and only at Halloween.

This piece is for the serious collector, someone that wants a true antique, that is actually period and has been transformed into a wonderful devil, I call him Lucifer "Beelzebub" Ludwick.

This is a giant canvas in a large gold gilt frame measuring approximately 32"x42", measuring the outside edges of the frame. Original poem created for the painting below in red lettering.

The Halloween Devil ~ Lucifer "Beelzebub" Ludwick

Lucifer Ludwick is the devil, tis true

his penchant for troublemaking might surprise even you

A subterranean force, (purely wicked) will labor for hours

concocting mischief and evil causing good things to sour

His fiery flames travel with him

making it uncomfortably warm

and that large whipping tail can be worse than his horns!!

The devil’s fork that he carries does pose quite a threat

for blood will course out of wounds

that the 3 prongs have met

The vampire bats hover closely hoping for a fresh meal

a small amount of hemoglobin is all they need to steal!

Lucifer dressed up and posed for this portrait

(the year was 1888)

don’t be fooled by his dapper appearance though

for your soul he will take!

Delightful anachronisms!

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