Thursday, August 6, 2015

Witch Brand Citrus Fruit Crate Label (Early 1900s)

Highland, San Bernardino County, California - Halloween Witch Orange Citrus Fruit Crate Box Label. 

Kitchen art has become a big industry these days, even spawning stores in malls dedicated to retailing only that. Maybe it's a fad, but it's been a few decades now, and it seems to be going strong with no sign of letting up. So it's no surprise there are reproductions of this rare California citrus crate label (originally printed in the early 1900's) floating around these days. Because it's a visual stunner.

I wonder what the backstory is, that they chose such an unorthodox name (was it an actual surname?) and image for their citrus produce.

Maybe they just liked the great color combination of orange and black and the ideas flew from there. If they were going for "memorable" and "visual wallop," I think they hit the nail on its head.

Maybe it was a group of actual witches who owned orange groves and formed a company to market their produce together. Now go write that story. 

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