Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Okay, This is Weird

I've never seen an entire Halloween store for sale on EBAY before.

Here are the photos the owner has posted. There's also a YouTube video to which the listing links.

I totes visualize this store as being located in a dead mall. I visualize the dead mall as being much spookier than the store itself.

It's 49K or best offer.

I wonder if he would mail the store to me envelope by envelope. Renting trucks is such a hassle.

If it were a Spirit Store, he'd probably have sold it already. They're such fun places.

I wonder if our Spirit Store is setting up in the area yet. I think they start moving back in around this time of year. The past few years they've been occupying a big box store that used to be a chain pet megastore. They sort of remind me of Something Wicked This Way Comes. That would have made a great name for the Spirit Stores (which actually sounds like a Christian name to me). But then I suppose the Bradbury estate would have sued the ghost sheets off them.

Oh, there's also a domain name for sale (25K) right below this listing, so I'm guessing that goes along with this. But I could be wrong.


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