Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Chalkware Halloween Figures Made from Antique Chocolate Molds

I thought this was a really cool way to bring Halloweens past back to life.

I had never thought of artists using antique chocolate molds to produce chalkware (or other media) figurines.

This "Scared Cat" is part of a limited edition, a signed figurine of a chalkware cat cat made by artist Rich Connolly.

Each item is, of course, one of a kind.

And I see the artist has used other molds for other editions.

I think it's a great idea.

You can see below the signature that the mold used dates to around 1920.

He's selling these at an incredibly reasonable price to beat the boutiques. This one, for example, is currently listed at just over twenty dollars.

I think the paint he used here and the details are about perfect. This truly looks vintage or antique.

I just read more of the listing and learned that Rich Connolly has been using this process for thirty years, that he considers the end result folk art, and that he was once invited to exhibit his work at the White House when (cough! gag!) Reagan was in office. Also, he's just down the road a piece in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Now I'm thinking of the Moravians and poet H.D.

(Oh, and Jackie O. used to collect his work--from 1983 to 1993.)

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