Sunday, October 24, 2010

"The Bogie Man" Postcard (J.I. Austen Co, Chicago, Early 20th Century)

"Two sunbonnet babies and a Jack-o'-Lantern titled 'The Bogie Man'."

The sensibility of the art looks strangely postmodern to me.

It looks like someone contemporary "misquoting" earlier art.

Yet it's genuinely old. Circa 1903-1905, one seller guessed.

Very strange one!

Why do I feel Joe Brainard would love this one?

Would love sampling images from it anyway...

I thought it was pretty rare, but maybe it was popular in its time, since I found a second card for sale, a little worse in the wear (this one advertised as "mint" funnily enough).

I'd go with the first one. Even with the slightly frayed corners, the image itself looks cleaner.And it's selling for a third of the price of the other one. Note how different the colors appear. That could be differences in the technology used to take the photos, or it could be variations in the card itself due to the printing process. Who knows.

What did your momma tell you about shoppin' around?

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