Friday, February 24, 2017

Yes! Yet More Antique Die Cut Embossed German Halloween Decorations!

Germany was the Queen of Halloweens of yesteryear.

I think these decorations are even scarier on the reverse side. Something about that negative space!

The cat musician is just delish. I want to eat that one up.

1. Black cat - arched back embossed and marked Germany. Measures approximately 4.5x6.5 inches. Pin holes in arched back.
2. Black cat playing the bass - orange and black embossing. Marked Germany. Has 2 pin holes in top and one on the foot. Crease in the other foot but not weak and no tears. Measures 7.5x4 inches
3. Pumpkin head drummer boy - no marks but exactly the same style. Black and orange color embossed. Has a couple of pins holes in top and bottom. Legs are creases a bit where they meet the body. But no tears. Also measures 7.5x4 inches.

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