Friday, February 24, 2017

We Got Us a Weird One: Antique circa 1900/20 Bear Animal Halloween Parade Costume Folk Art Mask

Or possum, mouse, badger… just wonderful! Flat measures 13” h x 10” wide

This one gives me the willies.

I could see someone seeing it as cute.

But not for me. It looks like something a psycho killer would wear.

Pretty cool design though. It does have that feel of the shaman to it. Maybe it's that which gives me the frisson.

(I'm trying to see it in a positive light, even though it weirds me out.)

I definitely see it as a rodent. Looks like a rat to me. Maybe it's a left-over costume bit from a performance of The Nutcracker back in the day?

If anybody comes your direction wearing this, run like hell. Just in case.

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