Thursday, July 23, 2015

Halloween Parades in Black and White: Old School and More Recent

The first one is Anaheim (CA). I think. We have to guess the year. The second is Greenwich Village's Halloween Parade (1986).  The somewhat Diane Arbus-y looking one is Burns Park Elementary School's Halloween parade in 1951. The one after that is the same school's parade the next year. Not sure where the sexy Halloween parade was or what year. It looks like it might be Greenwich Village again. It has that vibe. Shrouded figure is Greenwich Village parade, 1981. Illuminated hand is also New York, unspecified but probably the Greenwich Village parade (no date). That really fabulous "Doorway in Soho" photo that looks like Nan Goldin is actually Arlene Gottfried. Not sure if that's actually Halloween or Goth style. It did come up in my search for Halloween parades though. No details on the when or where of the crowd of masked kids in vintage costumes. The last photo is the Anaheim Halloween Parade again, 1946 (possibly same year as first photo).

Maybe it's just me, but I seem to have noticed a real decline in the quality of today's Halloween parades.

The last few I've attended have been pretty lackluster.

And with all the high-tech effects at one's disposal, is there really any excuse?

Oh yeah, everybody lives online and nobody has any time to actually make anything anymore. I forgot for a moment.


The internet makes everything quicker and everything poorer. I sound like a crusty f*** of a grandfather now, which I'm not. I mean I'm not a grandfather. Maybe I am crusty.

I know, I know: it's called evolution. 

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