Sunday, July 19, 2015

Buy Your Casket on EBAY


A Clint Eastwood fan (note movie poster on wall) is selling a brand spanking new, throwback style coffin on EBAY.

I found myself wondering whether one could still be buried in an old school coffin like this? Aren't there state regulations now for containment? But then I suppose they go inside outer shells, so maybe the nature of the interior coffin doesn't matter.  Anyone know?

Somehow I think you'd rise again if you were buried in this very vampiresque coffin.

So the argument might be moot.

Seller says "Price has been lowered." Presumably so the coffin may be.

I smiled when I saw "No Returns."

Uh, yeah.

Oh, and check the MANTIQUES sign. Wow. "Ain't no sissies collecting antiques round these parts, podner. Now can I whip you up an appletini so we can slip a dvd in and watch shirtless Clint chop wood again?"

Further info:

"Beautiful, handmade,...Birch and Oak casket made in Swartz Creek, Michigan by German craftsmen.  Originally used for a photo shoot for "Old Homicide, It's To Die For" rye longer needed. ......25 X 72 .......mixture of vintage and modern hardware....ideal for prop use, Halloween decoration or for funeral use.   The four Bier Candlesticks are listed in a separate auction and not included.   This is a local pick or I can arrange for delivery by a local expeditor at the rate of .75 per mile/round trip from our store in Elmore, Ohio....please look at all the pictures and ask any and ALL questions before bidding.  If you place a bid, I'll assume you find this item acceptable.....payment within 24 hours of auction end.....pick up within 5 days."

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