Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mickey is Ready for Halloween: Disneyland 2011

I enjoyed this, but count how many times he says "Pretty Cool!"

Will someone please buy this nice young man a thesaurus?

Just kidding.

I appreciate his posting this.

Isn't "World of Color" awesome?

It's amazing that just using jets of water you can get something so hypnotic. I think that (using colorful lights on jets of water) first became popular in France, in the first half of the twentieth century. But of course theirs wasn't as advanced as this.

His Buzz Lightyear hoodie is cute. I'm afraid to ask what that cost. Forty? More?

God, doesn't the whole world love Johnny Depp to death?

Do you hear the way the crowd responds every time he appears?

And he's the only one they respond to like that.

Well, the other "people" are cartoon characters.

Tru dat.

I betcha Tim Burton got to check out that ride which is a tribute to him all by himself, either before the park opened or after it closed.

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