Saturday, October 15, 2011

La Llorona at Universal Studios, Hollywood

The haunting figure from Mexican folklore has crossed over to Universal Studios.

I don't think she's really made it big in American movies, has she?

I knew her mostly from Spanish language poems and stories.

She's sort of an archetypal figure...the woman who lost her baby or babies and now has come to steal yours.

Scary, because this sometimes matches up with true crime kidnappings.

But this Mater Dolorosa is mostly apparition...or worse.

I think she can be connected as well to the witch or fairy type figures who steal children...the whole changeling motif.

Even Stephen King tackled that one in his one novel.

I was so surprised when I realized that all the horror taking place in his one book was about a fey's almost innocent desire for a human changeling.

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